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Hi, Mike Posner Fans & Supporters!

Patrick Cline, Christina Jones, and Mike Posner at Six Flags Over Texas - August 4, 2011
Patrick Cline (Mike’s former manager), Christina (Myself), and Mike Posner – August 4, 2011

My name is Christina, I’m from Dallas, TX and I launched this fansite on February 23, 2011 for Mike Posner fans all around the world to get the latest news & updates on Mike and his music career.

MIKE POSNER HITS was first created on October 27, 2010 when I started a new account on Twitter.com (@MikePosnerHits) to help support Mike and his music and to meet and connect with other fans. I came up with Hits from “Hits…Straight Hits”, a phrase that Mike used to say in video documentaries filmed during his studio days recording his debut album (this video is a good example). Then finally, after thinking about it for 3 months and figuring out where and how to start a website, MikePosnerHits.com opened on February 23, 2011. I wanted Mike’s fans to have a fun site to visit that will provide them with all the news, info, photos, videos, and everything related to him. I’ve been having a lot of fun running this site and helping to get the word out about him and his music and sharing it with everyone.

As of Septemeber 20, 2017 the fansite has a NEW domain MikePosner.net! MikePosnerHits.com, including MikePosner.org, will redirect all visitors to the new domain!

I first heard Mike Posner’s music when I listened to his second mixtape, A Matter Of Time, in Summer 2009 when a friend of mine made me a CD and told me I’d love it. Yup, I sure did! Soon after that his third mixtape, One Foot Out The Door, released and I downloaded it immediately. Next thing I knew, “Cooler Than Me” is playing on the radio, and his debut album 31 Minutes To Takeoff released on August 10, 2010. I was so happy for him. That album is so good from start to finish. I love every song, but my #1 favorite is “Bow Chicka Wow Wow”.

Mike took over my heart forever when I saw him live for the 1st time on his Up In The Air Tour at House of Blues in Dallas, TX on September 21, 2010. One of the best nights of my life! That’s when I knew he was more than just another singer. Seeing him live in person made me realize he’s a GREAT singer that could actually perform and sound really GOOD live. (view my photos here)

I had the most amazing opportunity to see and meet Mike Posner on his mtvU VMA Tour at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, TX on August 4, 2011. I’m beyond happy & grateful to have had the chance to finally meet him in person. I was definitely too nervous to say all the things I wanted to say. During “Bow Chicka Wow Wow,” Mike tossed me a giant teddy bear! OMG it just made my night! I’ll forever cherish that bear. His show was amazing and I had a great time. I loved everything he sang. He’s truly an amazing singer and performer. (view my photos here)

Then, I saw Mike perform for the 3rd time on the Believe Tour (Justin Bieber) at American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX on July 3, 2013. He sang 4 brand new songs, and he sounded amazing as always. I didn’t get tickets to the show until the night before, so I’m lucky & grateful that I got the chance to see him perform that night. (view my photos here)

I love Mike’s music, his personality, and everything about him. He seems very passionate about what he sings about, and you can just tell he’s having a lot of fun performing his songs. I love the fact that he’s so involved in creating his own music. Not many singers write, record, and produce everything like he does. Nobody sounds like him, which makes him very unique and original.

Of course, you can’t deny the fact that he is so GOOD to his fans. Whether it’s at his shows, an airport, or even online, he’ll spend some of his time to meet and talk to his fans. I can tell that he really appreciates all of the support from everyone.

On March 24, 2014 I received some REALLY great news from Mike’s then manager, Patrick Cline, that MikePosnerHits.com is to be the Official Mike Posner Fansite!

You do such a great job with your site for Mike. He really appreciates it. We want to make it the “official” MP fan site endorsed by Mike. – Patrick Cline (March 24, 2014)

Again, thank you so very much, Mike Posner & Patrick Cline! Thank you for being so nice to me over the years. I’m so very grateful for you guys and for every single thing that you do not only for me and the fansite, but for all of the fans too. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

I’m a Proud Mike Posner Fan & Supporter!

xoxo Christina

Side Note: My friends and I, that met in Fall/Winter 2010 via Twitter, call ourselves The Posner Pretties. We have a Twitter page @PosnerPretties. We named a star after Mike Posner in February 2012 from International Star Registry. You can view the actual certificate that we mailed to Mike at StarRegistry.com.

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