Mike Posner 27th Birthday - February 12, 2015

Happy 27th Birthday, Mike Posner!

Today, February 12, is Mike Posner’s 27th Birthday!

Mike Posner 27th Birthday - February 12, 2015
Photo by Nesrin Danan


Dear Mike Posner,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sending your way Birthday wishes for a beautiful year ahead. May your lucky stars continue to shine and make all your dreams come true.

Throughout the past few years you have accomplished so many amazing things in your career and helped others through your music. You’re a role model for many other young singers, songwriters and producers. You continue to inspire so many others, including me.

We all love you, Mike! We hope that you’re enjoying your day wherever you may be.

Best Wishes,

Happy Birthday Mike Posner
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I'm Christina Jones, owner of the Official Mike Posner Fansite MikePosner.net. I've been a Mike Posner fan since 2009. I've seen him perform 3 times, so far. I met him on August 4, 2011.