Mike Posner 2013 Album Update

Here are just a few Tweets by Mike Posner and his manager from the past couple of weeks. They both have been sharing some updates via Twitter. Mike is still writing, recording, and picking out which songs for his sophomore album. As of now, no album release date has been announced.

On August 27, 2011 on MTV’s 10 on Top show, Mike revealed that ‘Sky High‘ will be the title of his second studio album. However, that may or may not still be the title. I haven’t heard him mention it in interviews or on his social networking sites in a very long time. It’s possible that there may be an album title change. We shall see very soon.

And MikePosner.com, Mike Posner’s Official Website, is getting a new makeover for the new album release.

Stay tuned for more album details and release date…


I'm Christina Jones, owner of the Official Mike Posner Fansite MikePosner.net. I've been a Mike Posner fan since 2009. I've seen him perform 3 times, so far. I met him on August 4, 2011.