Mike Posner and Blackbear Release New Album 'Mansionz'

Mike Posner and Blackbear Release New Album ‘Mansionz’

The self-titled debut album from Mansionz, Mike Posner and Blackbear, is a mash-up of pop, soul, hip-hop and electronic influences. The set includes a varied list of guest appearances, with G-Eazy and Dennis Rodman as standouts.

Mansionz is now available on iTunes and Google Play! Stream on Spotify!

WOW! I love this album a lot! I’ve been listening to it all day nonstop. The boys sound great together and I’m very happy that they decided to come together and release a full album. Amazing work!

Congratulations, Mike and Bear! 🙂

Mike Posner and Blackbear Release New Album Mansionz
Mansionz self-titled debut album tracklist:

  1. Snoozefest
  2. My Beloved
  3. STFU (ft. Spark Master Tape)
  4. Dennis Rodman (ft. Dennis Rodman)
  5. I’m Thinking About Horses
  6. Nobody Knows (ft. Soren Bryce)
  7. A Million Miles
  8. Wicked (ft. G-Eazy)
  9. Rich White Girls
  10. Strip Club
  11. White Linen (ft. Cyhi The Prynce)
  12. Gorgeous
  13. The Life of a Troubadour (ft. Snoozegod as Oliver)

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