Mike Posner Enlisting Fans for Be As You Are Music Video

Mike Posner Enlisting Fans for “Be As You Are” Music Video

Mike Posner is enlisting his fans to help create a second “Be As You Are” music video. He would like for you to record and submit a video that shows you doing something very special for your Mother. He will then compile everyone’s videos to create the second “Be As You Are” music video. Get the full details and instructions on where to submit your video below!

Have fun, everyone! I can’t wait to see the final project! 🙂

Mike Posner Enlisting Fans for Be As You Are Music Video

Be In The Next Music Video!

How are you!? I’m writing to inform you of a very exciting project I’ve been thinking about for months now. As most of you know, I released a song off of my upcoming album entitled Be As You Are. The video is here:

While I’m ecstatic with how this video came out and I had a splendid time co-directing for the first time, I have an idea for a second video. This one will star none other than…drum roll please…


Here’s how it will work. If you so feel inspired,

Film yourself surprising your mother by doing something nice. Film yourself giving her flowers at work! Fly home and surprise her when she least expects it! Cook her dinner! Do something crazy! Just using your smart phone to film will suffice. The quality of the camera matters less than the amount of heart in your action. We will compile your videos, add our own, and make the second Be As You Are video as such. Instructions on submitting video:

  1. Get awesome idea that’s going to make your mom cry tears of joy.
  2. Film the execution of said idea, using your phone is fine, doesn’t need to be Scorsese.
  3. Upload the video ON PRIVATE to the YouTube account we’ve created for this project.
    • Email: mikeposnerbeasyouare@gmail.com
    • Password: beasyouare
  4. We will compile them and make an amazing video.

SO EXCITED!!! Remember, at some point in the past you wished you were right here.

Love you,


I'm Christina Jones, owner of the Official Mike Posner Fansite MikePosner.net. I've been a Mike Posner fan since 2009. I've seen him perform 3 times, so far. I met him on August 4, 2011.