Mike Posner Podcast - What Does This All Mean? (Episode 01)

Mike Posner Podcast – What Does This All Mean? (Episode 01)

Mike Posner has started his very own podcast series titled What Does This All Mean? and he shared his first episode today! Check it out below!

An exploratory journey into what it means to be a human. When existing in a dynamic society becomes humdrum, the notion of marching among the living seems like an expedition far away. Open up the window to your soul and let the breeze in while asking yourself: What does it mean to live a fulfilling life? What does this all mean?

Mike Posner Podcast - What Does This All Mean? (Episode 01)

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dvTh8AxpYo

Happy Father’s Day (Episode 01):

Mike Posner visits his father’s gravesite in a riveting, impassioned excerpt on what life has entailed since losing him. Although the tears he shed last Father’s Day are now dry, the spiritual encounter he felt still vibrates through his words as he finds himself revisiting the memories his father left behind for him.

It’s been a roller coaster of a year so far. In January 2017, I was in a pretty dark place. My father had just died. I lost 30 pounds as I was only eating every other day. I was irritable. I was moody. You can look back at my confusing posts from that period.

At some point, I realized that I had a list of things that I was going to get to “when I was done being popular ?.” Do you have a list like this? A list of things you actually WANT to do when you’re done doing what you HAVE to do?

My father’s death reminded me of my own mortality and inspired me to stop waiting to embark on the life I actually wanted to live and start asking the question, “What Does This All Mean?” As I began to do things on this list…my life started to change…and still is.

I’m recording my explorations of this question on a podcast. The point of this podcast is to share whatever insight and wisdom I stumble upon on this journey. I also plan to feature other thinkers, theologians, and humans who are asking this question.

Said podcast is available on the podcast app and on iTunes. Link here http://mikeposner.co/podcast. Subscribe to it if U don’t hate it as I will be releasing more!

O yea, one more thing… I love u.
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