Mike Posner - The Truth EP Available Now

Mike Posner – ‘The Truth’ EP Available Now!

FINALLY, Mike Posner’s new project The Truth EP is AVAILABLE NOW!

So I’m very hesitant to sound douchey like I’m trying to sell you something….I’m just EXCITED. If you want to stream the Truth for free forever, here’s the link …that’s totally cool with me. BUT, If the music does something for you and you’d like to support me as a patron, you can purchase the TRUTH EP here. I love you guys. Thank you so much for allowing me to not get a real job and focus on making this art for you. Again, these are four songs from the upcoming album.


Congratulations, Mike! We all love you and support your new EP!
I personally LOVE every single song! 🙂

Mike Posner - The Truth EP
Mike Posner - The Truth EP Mike Posner - The Truth EP Mike Posner - The Truth EP

Mike Posner – The Truth

Released: June 22, 2015

1. I Took A Pill In Ibiza

2. Buried In Detroit

3. Not That Simple

4. Be As You Are

Side Note: Mike Posner did confirm last night via Twitter that he filmed a music video in Malibu, CA last week for his new single “Be As You Are.” Stay tuned for the release of his new music video. He also confirmed that the Ninja Tour will start next week. Last week, Mike posted a link to a survey asking fans to let him know which cities to have a Ninja Show (a free, unplanned, acoustic show, usually held in a public park). Click here to fill out the survey by entering your Name, Email, and City.



I'm Christina Jones, owner of the Official Mike Posner Fansite MikePosner.net. I've been a Mike Posner fan since 2009. I've seen him perform 3 times, so far. I met him on August 4, 2011.