Mike Posner Trademark

Details and images of Mike Posner’s trademark look, tattoo, name logos, Tear Drops and Balloons logo, two-handed “Brains Up” gesture, infinity logo, and the Brain Trust logo.

Diamond earring in his left ear.
Mike Posner's Diamond earring

Necklace: Gold and diamond “Frank the Rabbit” custom pendant inspired by the character in the movie Donnie Darko (2001).
Mike Posner's Gold and diamond Frank the Rabbit pendant

Tattoo: One tattoo located on his left side chest that reads “Blackbear Rest in Peace” which he got tatted in 2016 for his friendship with singer Matthew “Blackbear” Musto.
Mike Posner's Blackbear friendship tattoo

Mike Posner name logos:

Mike Posner name logo

Mike Posner name logo

Mike Posner name logo

Tear Drops and Balloons logo (2017):
Mike Posner Tear Drops and Balloons logo

Infinity logo (2010-2013):
Mike Posner Infinity logo

Brain Trust logo (2009-2010): Can you see where it says ‘POSNER’ in the brain?
Mike Posner Brain Trust logo

Two-handed “Brains Up” gesture:
Mike Posner Brains Up

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