New York Daily News Interviews Mike Posner

New York Daily News Interviews Mike Posner

Singer Mike Posner talks with New York Daily News about his new EP, The Truth, and what he is excited for his fans to hear on his new album. He revealed that he has a song featuring Labrinth entitled “Silence”, which we can expect to hear on his new upcoming album.

He also discusses his writing process. He usually writes the lyrics first, sometimes in a form of a poem, and then creates the music for the song.

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Lastly, Mike talks about his upcoming Ninja Show Tour, which will consist of free acoustic pop-up shows for fans throughout the US. He just revealed via Twitter that the tour begins tomorrow, and the first stop will be in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Stay locked to his Twitter account, @MikePosner! The BEST way to stay informed about the Ninja Show Tour cities, dates, locations, directions, etc.

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Mike Posner at the New York Daily News
Mike Posner at New York Daily News

Also, Mike Posner answered fan questions on New York Daily News’s Facebook page. View the comments in the Facebook post to check out the Q&A with Mike!

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