Nick Jonas Reveals Mike Posner Co-Wrote “Numb” on Self-Titled Album

Nick Jonas had a couple of album listening parties last week, August 22 & 23, and performed four new songs from his forthcoming Fall release self-titled solo album for lucky fans & press. He performed a new song titled “Numb”, which he co-wrote with Mike Posner. Mike has worked on at least one or two more songs that will be on Nick’s new album, but “Numb” is the only song title confirmed at the moment. He is also featured on at least one of the songs with Nick. Mike was in attendance at the August 23rd party in Los Angeles, and he also sang a few of his own new songs for everyone. Check out some photos and a couple of quotes from popular celebrity sites!

Nick Jonas delivered a four-song set that included a soulful groove called “Numb”, which he co-wrote with Mike Posner. – Idolator

Just Jared: Do you have a favorite song off the album?

Nick Jonas: I’ve got a few. […] But “Numb” I think is one of my favorites. Me and Mike Posner have become pretty close friends. He’s a great dude and I love collaborating with him. – Just Jared

Clinton Sparks, Mike Posner, and Nick Jonas

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