Nick Jonas’ Self-Titled Album ‘Nick Jonas’ – OUT NOW!

Nick Jonas has released his self-titled solo album, Nick Jonas, with a couple of songs penned by our boy Mike Posner!

The album’s standard edition features guests Angel Haze (“Numb”) and Demi Lovato (“Avalanche”), while the deluxe version also includes a duet with singer-songwriter Mike Posner (“Closer”).

Nick co-wrote the song titled “Numb” alongside Mike Posner, Mat “Blackbear” Musto, Nick Monson, and Angel Haze who is featured on the track. Mike co-wrote, produced, and is featured on the last track titled “Closer” (preview the song below) on the Nick Jonas (Deluxe Version) album.

I really like Nick and his new music a lot, and I definitely think that he and Mike should work on future projects together.

Be sure to buy the Nick Jonas (Deluxe Version), which is out TODAY, November 10 (see the links below)!

Five years after the last Jonas Brothers album and four years after his lone studio album with former band The Administration, Nick Jonas is once again going solo. “It’s like starting over as a brand new artist,” the 22-year-old tells Rolling Stone.

“In making this record, I really allowed myself to be vulnerable and open up emotionally,” he says over e-mail. “This record is a combination of R&B, soul and pop, with musical influences from legendary artists that I’ve always admired such as Prince and Stevie Wonder – and more modern artists such as The Weeknd and Jhene Aiko. My plan is to surprise the world with the unexpected.”

Titled Nick Jonas, the finished product features a rap verse from Angel Haze (“Numb”), and songwriting contributions from Mike Posner (“Numb” and “Closer” featuring Mike Posner) and Taio Cruz (“I Want You”). And as Wikipedia notes, “It will be Jonas’ first album with a Parental Advisory warning label.” –

Preview: “Closer” – Nick Jonas (ft. Mike Posner)

Lyrics: “Closer” – Nick Jonas (ft. Mike Posner)


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Buy Nick Jonas (Deluxe Version):

Nick Jonas (Deluxe Version) Tracklisting:

  1. Chains
  2. Jealous
  3. Teacher
  4. Warning
  5. Wilderness
  6. Numb (feat. Angel Haze)
  7. Take Over
  8. Push
  9. I Want You
  10. Avalanche (feat. Demi Lovato)
  11. Nothing Would Be Better
  12. Chains (Just a Gent Remix)
  13. Santa Barbara
  14. Closer (feat. Mike Posner)


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