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Mike Posner and Blackbear Release New Album ‘Mansionz 2’

Mike Posner and Blackbear Release New Album ‘Mansionz 2’


Mansionz, the creative brainchild of artists Mike Ponser and Mat “Blackbear” Musto, is back with their new album Mansionz 2. Their sophomore release since the duo’s debut in 2017 with Mansionz, Mansionz 2 was recorded over 10 months in historic mansions from California to Delaware. Stream the 15-track album HERE and watch their album in a 45 minute visual experience HERE!

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Everyone has a shadow. Most of us spend our lives and energy trying to hide from our shadows and conceal them from others.

But the most beautiful things come out when we embrace our full selves — both the light and dark parts.

Today, I wanted to share mine with you.

Mansionz is a strange, cosmic energy that exists between blackbear and myself. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I know it’s special, I know it’s beautiful, I know it’s eternal, and I know that it is to be cherished and protected.

From the moment I first met Mat, we had an insane musical chemistry. I’ve worked with countless others in the studio, but this was just different. The energy between us is much bigger and more magical than the sum of our parts. It’s very much a 1+1=♾️ situation.

The second song we ever wrote together was Boyfriend for Justin Bieber. And that was just the beginning.

Have you ever experienced the feeling of letting inspiration direct you? If not, the next few sentences may sound odd. But here they are:

Mansionz isn’t a side project or a musical group – it’s a living thing. And it is its own thing.
blackbear and I do not direct Mansionz, Mansionz directs us.
Mansionz is like my creative muse, and I listen to it courageously…even if it means setting my career on fire, or losing my reputation, fans, or money
Mansionz is a practice in ego death. In order to fully commit, both blackbear and I have to stop our normal lives, bring out our most fucked up parts, stop being the Kings of our own little fiefdoms and serve something larger.

Working on our second album, M2, has left me feeling more inspired and connected to God. A part of me never wants to finish Mansionz because the experience of making it is so inspired and deep.

M2 may be the best album ever. M2 may be the worst album ever.

On M2, I am 100% my authentic self — I don’t have to be “Mike Posner” and am able to access the rage/anger/sadness/fear/guilt in a way “Mike Posner” never has.

For me, this album is redemption. It’s liberation. No BS, this album is so real I can’t listen to it. It fucks me up and makes me cry. I hope you can experience this album in its full, raw form and access the parts of yourself you may have been hiding from.

i love myself

I love Mike Posner

i DEEPLY love and am loved by blackbear

i deeply love and am loved by Mansionz

And i love you.

in gratitude,

Mike Posner