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Mike Posner Does Twitter Q&A With Fans – Part 2

Mike Posner Does Twitter Q&A With Fans – Part 2

Mike Posner took to Twitter.com yesterday afternoon and held another Q&A session with his fans for a total of 35 minutes. He told everyone “Ask me anything” and use the hashtags #TheWayItUsedToBe #Pages, the titles of his new single & upcoming album, in their Tweets if they wanted their questions to be answered. One question that I was most excited to read was about the music video for his brand new single, and his response was “Yea…shooting it next week”. That is some really great news! Perhaps, the new music video for “The Way It Used To Be” will drop sometime later this month or next month. Stay tuned…

I’ve collected most of the Q&A’s below to share!

Q: “Who is your all-time favorite Duke basketball player? #TheWayItUsedToBe #Pages”
A: “WOJO.” – Mike Posner

Q: “#TheWayItUsedToBe #Pages Do you have any pre-show rituals you do to get pumped?”
A: “Meditate…Vocal Warmups lol.” – Mike Posner

Q: “#TheWayItUsedToBe #Pages whats your favorite drink?”
A: “Water, I drink it so much I feel amazing.” – Mike Posner

“Before I answer any more I just want to say thank you for supporting the single…I can’t believe this is my life…I’m so grateful thank u.” – Mike Posner

Q: “Is sky high still coming out or will it be pages now?”
A: “Pages…there is no Sky High. :)” – Mike Posner

Q: “When are you and Big Sean going to drop another record? #TheWayItUsedToBe #Pages”
A: “Hmmmmm more on this soon.” – Mike Posner

Q: “How do you stay so positive? It can be so hard.. #thewayitusedtobe”
A: “Meditation tm.org” – Mike Posner

Q: “#TheWayItUsedToBe #Pages An event or person that has had the most positive impact on your life?”
A: “Big Sean” – Mike Posner
A: “Big Sean showed me I could really live this music dream because he lived his. We got bigger dreams now, watch us get em. :)” – Mike Posner

Q: “Did you ever expect all this from recording in ur dorm room #thewayitusedtobe #pages?”
A: “Yea u gotta believe.” – Mike Posner

Q: “#TheWayItUsedToBe #Pages best gift you’ve gotten from a fan?”
A: “Some of the letters really touch me…” – Mike Posner

Q: “You usually have amazing artists featured in your songs, who’s going to be on #pages? #TheWayItUsedToBe”
A: “Tell u soon!” – Mike Posner

Q: “What is your favorite spot in Michigan? #mittensup #pages #TheWayItUsedToBe”
A: “My parents house.” – Mike Posner

Q: “Will #Pages lean towards the amazing #TheWayItUsedToBe or will we hear some of ur hip-hop?”
A: “No1 mixes the two better. :)” – Mike Posner

Q: “Who is your favorite singer or rapper growing up?”
A: “Nas.” – Mike Posner

Q: “Wo is your favourite Detroit rapper? #thewayitusedtobe #pages”
A: “Eminem and Big Sean Mike Posner

Q: “How did you balance college life & making music? #Pages #TheWayItUsedToBe”
A: “Inspired action causes no fatigue.” – Mike Posner

Q: “Will Looks Like Sex still be on #pages #thewayitusedtobe”
A: “Nope. I started all the way over about a year ago. :)” – Mike Posner

Q: “What about the track you made with avicii? #thewayitusedtobe #pages”
A: “It’s his song…ask him!!!!” – Mike Posner

Q: “What is your fav city? #thewayitusedtobe #pages”
A: “Detroit.” – Mike Posner

Q: “Are all ur songs from #Pages written by u? #TheWayItUsedToBe”
A: “I’m not a biter I’m a writer for myself and others. :)” – Mike Posner

Q: “How long till we find out tour dates (for Michigan)? 🙂 #thewayitusedtobe #pages”
A: “Were working on it now!!” – Mike Posner

Q: “Are you gonna produce a video for the way it used to be?!”
A: “Yea…shooting it next week.” – Mike Posner

Q: “Who is the most creative individual that you have worked with? #thewayitusedtobe #pages”
A: “Labrinth is unreal.” – Mike Posner

Q: “Who do you go to for advice? #TheWayItUsedToBe #Pages”
A: “My manager/mentor Kevin Liles, what a blessing he is!!!” – Mike Posner

Q: “Do you always hand write your music?! #thewayitusedtobe #pages”
A: “Yes..or if its coming 2 fast I just record it.” – Mike Posner

Q: “Any chance at a collab with the Biebs (Justin Bieber)? :~) #TheWayItUsedToBe #Pages”
A: “???????” – Mike Posner

Q: “Would the label let u put a remix on #pages? No1 does it better. #thewayitusedtobe”
A: “I might do 1 this time!” – Mike Posner