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Mike Posner – The Truth (EP)

Mike Posner – The Truth (EP)

Mike Posner shared a 4-track EP titled The Truth with all of his fans who are signed up to his email list on Monday night, May 25. If you didn’t receive the email, I encourage you to sign up to his official Email list at MikePosner.com and go listen to his 4 new songs off his EP, which will release on June 22 on iTunes.

The same 4 songs will also appear on his forthcoming sophomore album due out later this year. Release date to be announced soon.

I personally love all four tracks, but if I had to choose a favorite that would be song “Be As You Are”. It’s an inspirational and motivational message, and I truly believe that it will do very well on the radio if it hits radio stations around the world.

Congratulations, Mike! I’m sure you feel really happy and so relieved to finally share some of your new music with us. We love the new songs and we’re all looking forward to your new album, as well as seeing you live on tour again! We wish you much success with the EP and the forthcoming sophomore album! Thank you for being true to yourself and always inspiring us! We believe in you, we’re proud of you, and we love you!

Stream The Truth (EP) and view the song lyrics below!

“Sometime before now, I was in the studio with a friend of mine (Jake Owen) who also writes songs for a living. As often happens when songwriters hang out, we were trading tunes. He would play one on the guitar, then I would play one. Back and forth…back and forth into the LA night. Eventually I played a song and my buddy asked me, “What inspired you to write that?” I told him it was the story of a relationship I used to have, mixed up with some things I’d just plain imagined. He looked in my eyes deeply, and in a tone that made the words seem of more than ordinary significance, he said,

“Why don’t you just tell the truth?”

That night I started this project.

I Took a Pill in Ibiza, Buried in Detroit, Be As You Are, and Not That Simple are four songs selected from my upcoming album. They are best listened to the way they were written: at night, and alone. I hope you enjoy.” – Mike Posner

“Mike Posner is one of the most clever, talented writers I know and this his best work yet.” – Big Sean

“These are the best songs Mike Posner has ever written.” – Avicii

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Mike Posner - The Truth EP

Mike Posner - The Truth EP Mike Posner - The Truth EP

Mike Posner - The Truth EP

Stream The Truth (EP):

SoundCloud link: https://soundcloud.com/mikeposner/sets/the-truth/s-9t3z6

1. I Took A Pill In Ibiza

2. Buried In Detroit

3. Not That Simple

4. Be As You Are