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Welcome to Mike Posner Hits, the Official Fansite for American Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, poet, producer, and podcaster, Mike Posner. You may know him from his chart-topping hits like "Cooler Than Me," "Please Don't Go," "Bow Chicka Wow Wow" (feat. Lil Wayne), and "I Took A Pill In Ibiza" (Seeb Remix). You may also know him as a member of the alternative hip-hop and R&B duo Mansionz with Blackbear. The fansite aims to provide you with all the latest news, photos, videos, and much more on Mike Posner and Mansionz. Thank you for visiting!

Mike Posner 2016 Future Now Tour Poems

Mike Posner 2016 Future Now Tour Poems

Check out the live spoken word recordings of Mike Posner & The Legendary Mike Posner Band during the 2016 Future Now Tour. These are the poems that didn’t make his newly released poetry album i was born in detroit on a very very very very very very very cold day. There are 44 in total. Check them all out in the video playlist below! Enjoy!

Video playlist link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuUYasAHS1EgKRS30HWqlzVhmiII0nRip

  1. Hope (Boston, MA) (6-18-16)
  2. What Are You Gonna Do? (Buffalo, NY) (7-17-16)
  3. Nothing to Lose, Nothing to Win (Mashantucket, Connecticut) (6-19-16)
  4. Gold Chain (Chicago, IL) (6-26-16)
  5. Abraxas Thank You Come Again (Uncasville, CT) (7-6-16)
  6. Presents or Presence? (Brooklyn, NY) (7-08-16)
  7. What If? (Portland, OR) (7-9-16)
  8. Sarah Palin (Clifton Park, NY) (7-10-16)
  9. You’re Exactly Where You Are Supposed to Be (Newark, NJ) (7-12-16)
  10. I Believe (Baltimore, MD) (7-13-16)
  11. A Tornado in a Strip Mall (Camden, NJ) (7-14-16)
  12. I’ll Meet You There (Hershey, PA) (7-16-16)
  13. Whats the Difference? (Norfolk, VA) (7-19-16)
  14. My Smiles (Boston, MA) (7-20-16)
  15. No Rain, No Rainbows (Montreal, Quebec) (7-22-16)
  16. My Manifesto (Toronto, Canada) (7-23-16)
  17. Peaches (Columbus, OH) (7-27-16)
  18. The First Step to Perfection (Louisville, KY) (7-29-16)
  19. i was born in detroit on a very, very, very, very, very, very, very cold day (Detroit, MI) (7-30-16)
  20. Can You? (Grand Rapids, MI) (8-01-16)
  21. Alive (Indianapolis, IN) (8-03-16)
  22. Amen (Kansas City, MO) (8-06-16)
  23. It’s Good to Be Mike Posner (Denver, CO) (8-09-16)
  24. I Believe (Colorado Springs, CO) (8-10-16)
  25. The One Thing I Know (San Diego) (8-14-16)
  26. I Believe (Chelmsford, MA) (8-20-16)
  27. I Got Catfished (Staffordshire, England) (8-21-16)
  28. I Love This (Vancouver, British Columbia) (8-24-16)
  29. i got IT (Edmonton, Canada) (8-26-16)
  30. What I Really Need is a Hug (Calgary, Canada) (8-27-16)
  31. I’m Just Having Fun (Winnipeg, Canada) (8-29-16)
  32. Do It Now (Cleveland, OH) (9-02-16)
  33. Right Here, Right Now (Columbia, MO) (9-04-16)
  34. Pagliacci (Platteville, WI) (9-05-16)
  35. My First Concert (Nashville, TN) (9-07-16)
  36. Isabella’s Story (Houston, TX) (9-09-16)
  37. A Beautiful World – Albert Woodfox’s Story (San Antonio, TX) (9-10-16)
  38. Behind the Clouds, The Sun is Always Shining (Austin, TX) (9-11-16)
  39. I Gotta Flame (Dallas, TX) (9-12-16)
  40. Smile (Albuquerque, NM) (9-14-16)
  41. When You’re in a Down Moment (Phoenix, AZ) (9-16-16)
  42. Just a Thought (Salt Lake City, UT) (8-11-16)
  43. Why We Do Concerts (Las Vegas, NV) (8-13-16)
  44. Go Out With a Bang (Sacramento, CA) (11-30-16)