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Mike Posner Does Twitter Q&A With Fans

Mike Posner Does Twitter Q&A With Fans

Mike Posner took to Twitter.com yesterday afternoon and held an hour long Q&A session with his fans. He told everyone to use the hashtag #Pages, the title of his upcoming album, if they wanted their questions to be answered. #Pages was a trending topic on Twitter during the Q&A.

I’ve collected a few of the Q&A’s below to share!

Q: “What producers did you work with on the new project #pages?”
A: “Myself!” – Mike Posner
A: “Diplo, Benny Blanco, Joshua “Ammo” Coleman, and Mason “MdL” Levy!!!” – Mike Posner

Q: “Favorite song you’ve ever done? #pages”
A: “Of my released songs… Beneath Your Beautiful with Labrinth.” – Mike Posner

Q: “Is Pages the album or is that a separate project?”
A: “PAGES is the name of my next album. :)” – Mike Posner

Q: “How long have you been working on your album? #pages”
A: “3 years…it took me that long to get it right.” – Mike Posner

Q: “Did you ever think music could have gotten you this far?!”
A: “I did. I believed in myself…I think that’s the only way” – Mike Posner
A: “But I’m so grateful..I’m so blessed…my parents my sister my friends my fans..sometimes I get so emotional about it all being real” – Mike Posner

Q: “How many tracks are in your album? 🙂 #Pages”
A: “I dno for sure yet…I think I have too many right now!” – Mike Posner
A: “Still a few months of polishing ahead.” – Mike Posner

Q: “Would you ever do a collab with Eminem? #pages”
A: “Obviously I think I need to pay my dues first though. Detroit.” – Mike Posner

Q: “When is your album going to drop? #pages”
A: “This Fall…don’t have a hard date yet.” – Mike Posner

Q: “Is collab with Pharrell going to be on Pages?”
A: “Na, made 10 songs with P but realized I had to produce my album.” – Mike Posner