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Mike Posner Got to Hang Out with Detroit Red Wings Greats in Sochi

Mike Posner Got to Hang Out with Detroit Red Wings Greats in Sochi


Detroit Free Press: How did Southfield-raised singer/songwriter Mike Posner end up at the Sochi Games in Russia last week, partying with Sergei Fedorov and Slava Fetisov, and watching his pal Pavel Datsyuk play hockey?

Well, the trail kind of starts with Justin Bieber.

Posner first met Datsyuk because he toured with Bieber last summer, and one of the stops was at Joe Louis Arena.

“Before the show, they opened up the Red Wings’ locker room for me,” Posner said in a phone interview from L.A. “I immediately took a picture in front of Pasha’s locker because he’s my favorite player.

“I tweeted the picture to him and said, ‘Hey, man, look where I’m at.’ He tweeted back, ‘Finally, someone talented’s in that locker.’ ”

They stayed in touch, and Datsyuk did a cameo in Posner’s video for “Top of the World,” a salute to Detroit sports. And then Datsyuk’s manager — Gold Star Financial CEO Dan Milstein, a native of Ukraine — invited Posner to go with them to Sochi.

“It was incredible, man, it was really once in a lifetime,” Posner said. “I saw hockey, hockey, hockey.”

But he said his favorite memory came at a party one night in Sochi that was also attended by the Stanley Cup and Fedorov, one of his childhood heroes.

“I found myself at a table with Slava Fetisov, and the Stanley Cup was just full of champagne,” Posner said. “Before I know it, Slava is tipping the Cup over and I’m drinking out of it. That was, like, ridiculous, man.”

His new album, Pages, comes out this year.

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