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Mike Posner – Interlude (Ty Dolla Sign – ‘Sign Language’ Mixtape)

Mike Posner – Interlude (Ty Dolla Sign – ‘Sign Language’ Mixtape)

Ty Dolla Sign released his new mixtape Sign Language and it features Mike Posner singing in a Interlude at the end of a track titled “Issue” featuring Wiz Khalifa. At this time, I don’t know anything else about the Interlude (approx. 32 seconds) or if it’s part of an actual full song. It does have potential to be a full song. I know I wouldn’t mind hearing more of it because Mike’s vocals sound amazing as usual. Lord knows we’re STILL WAITING for his sophomore album Pages going on a year now, which still has no release date.


Listen to Mike Posner – Interlude

SoundCloud link: https://soundcloud.com/mikeposnerhits/mike-posner-interlude-sign-language

Interlude Lyrics:

Just cause I’m looking in your eyes, don’t mean shit
I still got my jewelry on while I’m deep in
I slip out the hotel room while you’re sleepin’

Never meant to do you wrong
Never meant to do you wrong (oh whoa whoa)
Never meant to do you wrong (oh whoa whoa)
Never meant to do you wrong (oh whoa whoa)
Never meant to do you wrong (oh whoa whoa)

Side note: I’ve been contemplating on making a post here on MPH to share something that I learned about Mike Posner and his record label RCA Records. I did share the information on Twitter and Facebook a few weeks ago. I haven’t mentioned it on here yet, because I’ve been waiting for an official announcement from Mike or a really reliable source. So, while I’m on the subject, I’ll just go ahead and mention it here.

I noticed that Mike Posner was removed from the Artists page on RCA Records official website. So, that has to mean he’s no longer with the record label, RCA Records. Either they let Mike go, or he left them. This explains a lot as to why we’re still waiting on Mike’s sophomore album to release. I hope he still wants to be a recording artist and continues to release his own solo music projects. Let’s hope that he’s got things figured out now, if not, then soon.