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Mike Posner Releases “Nothing Is Wrong”

Mike Posner Releases “Nothing Is Wrong”

Still making his way across Arizona this week, Mike Posner is getting so close to finishing up his Walk Across America.  On September 27, he surprised fans with a new single and video for “Nothing Is Wrong.” The song was produced by Nate Mercereau and co-written by Mike Posner and Nate Mercereau. Check out the song, lyrics, and the video below!

Stream and Download “Nothing Is Wrong,” Out Now

Directed by Toby Pike.

“Nothing Is Wrong” Lyrics

I can worry, I can overthink things.
That’s exactly when I tend to want to drink things.
Tend to wanna smoke things ‘til I realized there’s no thing outside of me.
That kinda helped me grow wings.
Listen up. I think this is dope:
To love is very different than to own.
Let that sink in.

I grew my hair but never lost my J Dilla vibe.
Airplane mode: don’t kill the vibe.
I had to remind people I was still alive.
I had to remind people of what’s real inside.
Yeah, yeah I’m the ‘I Took a Pill in’ guy.
But even more beautiful with no pill inside.
Feel the vibe?

I wanted to be Deion. I was more Wojciechowski.
My friends gon’ hit the club, I tell ’em go without me.
There’s a lot that these people don’t know about me.
I’ve always been that dude though, no Lebowski (haha stupid).
Old friends never tell me that I seem different.
Ashamed of the way that I used to treat women.
Embarrassed but I’ll never lie.
Mac is dead; many more are dead inside.
Hideous thoughts in this head of mine.
I’ll choose different ones.
Life hit me in the face but I didn’t run.
Perhaps Michigan will be the place my kids are from.
Ram Dass is the man I got the vision from.

It’s alright (yeah).
It’s alright (yeah).
Uh, ay.

I donated all my Jordans.
Didn’t do a post, they were taking up the space that I needed to grow.
That was a Sage Francis line; I stole it,
But there was no better way to say that
There is no future, no time.
Look at yourself; don’t be so bovine.
Courage used to be something that I couldn’t find.
People scared to look at their dreams so they look at mine (yeah).
Whatever makes you feel good inside.
It’s alright.

I was in the gym the other day in Los Angeles.
And I saw all of the beautiful bodies
Running on the treadmills, staring at the screens.
And it reminded me of hamsters running on the wheel.
And that’s when I really decided right then and there
I’m not going to be a hamster on a wheel.
I’m gon’ do it.
Twitter is apoplectic,
Squirrels with acorns.
I said it before:
Ships are safe in the harbor, but that ain’t what ships are made for.
I say I am not my haircut, I’m not my body,
Not my clothes; I’m something much more beautiful,
Deeper than even I know.
Took me thirty years to wake up and write this song.
Took me thirty years to realize nothing is wrong.