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Mike Posner ‘Tear Drops and Balloons’ (Poetry Book) 1 Year Anniversary

Mike Posner ‘Tear Drops and Balloons’ (Poetry Book) 1 Year Anniversary

Happy 1st Anniversary, Tear Drops and Balloons!

It’s been one year to the day since Mike Posner released his book of poetry, Tear Drops and Balloons.

Mike Posner 'Tear Drops and Balloons' (Poetry Book) 1 Year Anniversary

The title of the book, Mike says, comes from the fact that since childhood, he’s been doodling teardrops on his papers.

“When I was maybe 24 years old, I realized that if I flipped the paper upside down, the teardrops became balloons,” he explains. “So for me, it was a metaphor for turning negative to positive.”

The poems in the book are intensely personal, revealing, and often funny, covering sex, love, death, drugs, insecurity, fame and more. One is actually a collage of “mean tweets” he received from online trolls. It’s called “Hate Mail.”

“When I take something that’s…negative and try to find the humor or the art in that, then it doesn’t cut so deeply,” he explains. “It kinda seems funny and, sometimes, beautiful.”

Mike’s songs are also very personal, and he says his songs and poems are “coming from the same place.”

“It’s kinda like hot water and cold water,” he explains. “They’re both coming from the same filtration system somewhere up the stream…but they come out of a different faucet.”

Get your copy of the hardcover book at www.TearDropsAndBalloons.com or Amazon!

Just last week, on March 7th, Mike released the audiobook version of his book of poetry, Tear Drops and Balloons, and is now available on Amazon, Audible, Google Play, iTunes, and Spotify! Definitely, check it out! Mike reads all of the poems himself.

Mike Posner - Tear Drops And Balloons (audiobook)

Tear Drops and Balloons is a collection of poems by Mike Posner. It comes as a breath of fresh air in a time otherwise polluted with catchphrases, “ism’s”, and cheap quotes that have slowly permeated what used to be poetic expression. Fearlessly, Posner cuts quickly to the bone, speaks from the gut, and offers his perspective on the world. By holding nothing back and showing no mercy in his words, he has created a body of work that showcases his ability to open his own wounds and show us what lies within.

Also, here are my Instagram photos I shared in May 2017 of my signed copy of Tear Drops and Balloons!