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Welcome to Mike Posner Hits, the Official Fansite for American Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, rapper, poet, and record producer, Mike Posner. You may know him from his chart-topping hits like "Cooler Than Me," "Please Don't Go," "Bow Chicka Wow Wow" (feat. Lil Wayne), and "I Took A Pill In Ibiza" (Seeb Remix). You may also know him as a member of the alternative hip-hop and R&B duo Mansionz with Blackbear. The fansite aims to provide you with all the latest news, photos, videos, and much more on Mike Posner and Mansionz. Thank you for visiting!

Mike Posner on And The Writer Is…with Ross Golan

Mike Posner on And The Writer Is…with Ross Golan

Mike Posner recently sat down for a new podcast episode of And The Writer Is…with Ross Golan! Mike really opens up in this new interview like never before. One of the stand out conversations is about righting his wrongs with his former bandmate, Jeff, and his close friend and music partner, Blackbear, by giving them the co-writing credits they truly deserved on the hit singles “Cooler Than Me” and “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber. I really like how he admitted and made up for what he did wrong. That makes me respect him even more.

Listen to the podcast episode now available on www.andthewriteris.com, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and YouTube (video below)!

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eArIvVW7aBc

And The Writer Is Mike Posner
Credit: www.andthewriteris.com

And The Writer Is…MIKE POSNER!

Season 2: Episode 16

Our final guest of season two is an artist, songwriter, and producer hailing from the hip-hop scene of Detroit, Michigan. He was still a student at Duke University when he came up with the idea for his first single “Cooler Than Me” which went on be a multi-platinum hit and earn more than 3 million in sales in the US. Since then, he has become one of the industry’s most in-demand songwriters, penning hits for the likes of Maroon 5 (“Sugar”), Justin Bieber (“Boyfriend”), Big Sean (“Don’t Tell Me You Love Me”), and Labrinth (“Beneath Your Beautiful”). His self-penned triple-platinum smash “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” from his sophomore album ‘At Night, Alone’ hit #1 in the US and earned him a Grammy nomination for Song of the Year. In addition to a successful solo career, he is a member of the alternative hip-hop duo Mansionz with blackbear. We’re honored to have our season finale feature this inspirational artist and songwriter. And the writer is…Mike Posner!